What is Alchemist by the Sea? It is the healing (physical and/or spiritual) through herb and oil blends along with my herb infused bath and body by Alchemist by the Sea. My mystifying oils seduce the senses with their metaphysical and physical healing properties. My oils and bath and body items are infused with stones, crystals, and intentions. All Alchemist by the Sea formulas are born through my own personal journey. Over time, I will share my recipes and formulas with you. Suggestions and comments are always welcome.

What are we up to?

Working on a MAJOR project, The Magikal Rite Magazine. Publish date 10/13/17, stay tuned!

I’m working on a DIY page for those of us that want recipes that WORK. I’ve tried scrub recipes and balm recipes from other DYI’ers that were just bleh….we can get quality at home. We just need someone who has tried and tested the formulas before we decide to fill blog space with “the four ingredient scrub” or “balm for the palm”….haha, those aren’t actual titles…at least I hope not, just making a point. Anyway, can’t wait for this publish date! Coming September 2016

Update to “DIY”
I launched “Natural Beauty Recipes” 8/14/16 that are easy to follow and link directly to the post! I welcome all feedback! Please remember, my skin isn’t yours! Always test before full on use.