The Snooze Button

I’ve been exercising the last few months. Did some cross-fit, found it was too hard on my body, then moved on to train myself.
I learned two things:
1. I snooze a whole lot more when I don’t have to show up to a group class attached to a high monthly fee, and
2. no good can ever come from a snooze button.

Let’s consider what a “Snooze” button actually does. It delays the inevitable…things you have to do, or things you don’t want to deal with. Right?
Taking from the above, you know what else I’d like to “snooze”?

1. A wailing cry stemming from “there are only tomato basil crackers left, not pizza flavored goldfish.”
2. A loud TV, music from a cell phone without headphones, tablet noise on top of that, topped with the cat crying over food left in the bowl for more than 30 min.
3. The stench and chore of last nights dirty dishes left in the sink…AT the current dinner time with nothing to cook in or eat on……
*******************LOOONG SIGH*******************

The snooze button…my worst enemy and wishful thinking.



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