Labor of Love and Popsicles

I, wholeheartedly, believe in putting kids to work AND life lessons…killing two birds with one stone is something every parent tries to do.

Teachable moments are easily identified in my house when my hands are up and strong words of love come out of my mouth in an above normal pitch. “WTH were you thinking?!”

My oldest daughter is in her pre-teens (yaaay me). Monday definitely ended in tears over our usual after school grocery shopping trip in the produce section at our favorite HEB. Jazz apples will never be looked at the same….
The day was gone…ended…finito and this girl just felt defeated over everything she was expected to do in the four days to follow.
1. Tutoring every day ’till 5pm
2. Club practice every day from 5pm-6pm
3. Daily Homework
4. Online practice tests for Reading and Math
5. Book report due Friday
6. Essay due TONIGHT for summer camp

Defeated. How is she supposed to do all of this?

We can easily look at our children and know instantly how to comfort them, right?
My job is to stop her crying, hug her tight, and tell her she’s not alone, right?
So…what happens when that stuff doesn’t work? What happens when the crying doesn’t stop, and the hugs aren’t enough?
I offered her ice cream.   I.C.E.  C.R.E.A.M
Ice cream wasn’t the answer either.

I’m holding this girl tight, hearing her sniffle in my chest and ice cream doesn’t slow anything down.


“WTH was I thinking!”

She’s a young woman….ice cream or the idea of a new nail polish wasn’t going to work now…not in the produce section of my favorite neighborhood HEB. I felt defeated!

We walked around a little longer, talked about a plan of attack for this week, and she felt better. It turns out, I got my life lesson. At that point, I really understood how some kids can feel alone without a support system.


We walked by the frozen treat freezers, and it was silly of me to offer a pre-teen ice cream…popsicles are the answer! I bought four boxes.



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