Morning Of The Living Dead

Having two girls is quite an adventure. Lots of laughs…wheeling and dealing…joy rides…secret snacks on the way home after a long day of work and school…the list goes on.

BUT, starting the day is the best thing in my house.
Everyone’s worst moments come to life when that alarm goes off….blankets over the face, toes peeking out of the blankets, tremor movements under the blankets…everything involves a blanket somehow.

…and then it comes up…slowly at first, then really fast….bed hair first….then the eyes open, like a newborn child seeing their first image….then they really open and they stare at you with that look…deer in the headlight look…you know what that looks like.

No words are ever spoken….just grunts “mhmmpf”, “mhmmpf”. Eventually you start to make out the words, but then you don’t wanna hear the words because of the bad breath. But the bad breath is inevitable, so you start to wish for the “snooze button” (haha).

Then the shuffling of the feet commence, /ch/ /ch/ /ch/. The grunts are still there, “mhmmpf”, but more words are taking their place. The lights and TV are on and the house comes to life with “Hurry Up!”, “No time to eat!”, “Geez a lou, Did you finish your HWK?!”, “Turn the TV down!” and the etcetera’s of life continue until the next morning, when we start…all…over…again.



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