Weekend Get-A-Way

I think there have been a lot of busy days at work and home for everyone lately. If it’s not one thing it’s another, and that thing can turn into an never ending thing that needs constant follow up. Yoouuuu know what I mean!

Weekend get-a-ways are designed to G.E.T¬† A.W.A.Y. But what happens when your get away turns into the thing you need to get away from? Ha-ha…let me begin…

It was a Friday. I finished doing the laundry that we were going to take with us. I packed the bags, the girls got picked up, and we skedaddled. I forgot our passes to Six Flags, so we had to go back home. Could we have gotten them re-printed? Yes, but then we would have had to pay for parking that was already built into my original passes.¬†Though, when we got back home, I could not remember¬†the “safe” location I had put them in.

I eventually find the passes¬†and head back to the¬†car. Then we go on a scavenger hunt for Sam’s eye drops. There were¬†supposed to be packed, but I didn’t see them, and he swears he put them in bag, so I unpack everything to check again…no eye drops.¬†Now he has to go back in the house to find his eye drops.¬†He finds them. We hop back in the car…San Antonio¬†bound!

Along the way, there seems to be problems with the car. It seems everything is telling us to go¬†back home…the passes, the eye drops, the car….BUT, we¬†NEED this weekend away from home. My daughters need it, Sam needs it….I NEED IT. We ignore the bad mojo and¬†forward we go.

After the car breaks down, a sixty dollar cab ride to the hotel, a $150 car fix the next day–of which a view of our lovely hotel room happened to be the only thing happening that day, we make the best of it and walk to a near by restaurant for some grub. We decided Sunday morning that we were going to do everything we wanted to do. It was a great day! I wasn’t even mad that I got swindled for a dollar from a gas station—when you request money back, there is a “sign” that says there is a dollar fee…it just so happens the cashier took the dollar from the cash he was giving back to me, “Oh yes, yes…the sign.” I said.

Hahahaha…..I laughed, I apologized and got back to my family.

It doesn’t always happen the way we plan. Together we made some quick, good, and safe decisions. I’ll take that in a heartbeat¬†any day.

Queen Bee

Grumpy Monday’s

Last week was soooo looonnggggg…..I wasn’t sure it was EVER going to end.

Alas, it did, and the weekend came, but…so did another Monday. So here we are again.

Sam has been super supportive with the babes. Getting them ready for school, taking them to school, picking them both up, making dinner, helping with homework, baths, and then to do it again the next day. He still had his own work life, still made it to the gym everyday and when I say “made dinner”…he made from scratch. I couldn’t ask for anything more in a partner. He appreciates and respects my parenting style and really cares about all of us…even the cat.

So the weekend came (and gone as we established above), but let’s backtrack to Sunday. Mother’s Day. My daughter’s are too far apart to like the same things. One like’s Mine Craft and the other wants to watch Star Wars and drink juice every chance she gets.
On Sunday, we managed to get out of the house and go to the beach. It was Lilliana’s first time ever, and it was the first time I had taken Emoree since she was a toddler (in the Gulf Coast).

There we are..as a family…on the beach.
The sun wasn’t quite out, so it was a bit gloomy and chilly.

There were small familiarities, but this visit to the beach was nothing like I had ever experienced.¬†My daughter’s laughed¬†in a way I¬†hadn’t heard them laugh before. Sam was having a good time¬†and¬†for the first time in a long time,¬†I wasn’t afraid something could go¬†wrong. ¬†I silently thanked the ocean for allowing us to visit, and then we went home. We washed up, ate an early dinner and sat down to watch some television.

So why is my Monday a grumpy one? I don’t know. I can tell you this….I’m allowed to have a grumpy Monday, and so are you!