Blog Re-born: Alchemist By The Sea

Oh my….this summer has started! It’s been over a month since my last post…this blog-journey of mine has turned into something else. Though I haven’t been at it very long, I love where this is going.
A new venture forged from a love of Do-It-Yourself and Spiritual Healing. Yes, yes…
I’m a DIY-ER and I love candles, stones, crystals, botanical’s and herbal blends. I love any natural blend or remedy that has been hand crafted with good intentions. So, along with my original scope of starting this blog, I hope, over time, you will try my recipes with your families and learn to use the ingredients for bath and body as well as spiritual healing.

My front door step is currently adorned with whole black pepper and bay leaves. Both spices have a rich history of being used for protection and home blessings.

Like cooking and baking recipes, I receive my spiritual healing property information from difference sources, but I use the source that may describe the property that is repetitive over several sources or simply just feels right. Your favorite cake recipe can use ingredients that differ for different bakers, but you eventually use the ingredients that are right for you.

A prayer or incantation may be used as you sprinkle your life with herbs as many say a prayer while holding rosary beads. Others light a candle for a loved one as many light candles during meditation….all intended for good and good alone.

I have always been drawn to my intuition and believe in tools that can help us achieve a higher awareness. This can translate differently to many people, but the result we all want is the same. We all hope for the best of any situation or person and never wish any person ill intentions.

Thank you for reading my Re-born Blog: Alchemist By The Sea!

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