Toddlers and Mugwort

I’ve been testing some new herbs in my alchemy…one of which is Mugwort.
Mugwort has so many beautiful properties, though, it’s mostly known for lucid dreaming.

However a person wishes to invoke the spiritual properties in their herbs is completely up to them. Due to my sensitive skin, I choose to inhale the lovely scents I create or make batches of Mystified Magikal Mists with witch hazel, or carrier oils infused with my favorite herbs.

One such vial was created with fractionated coconut oil and the herb, mugwort. Breathing in the scent just before bed time has such a calming affect on me. So, it sat, successfully, unhindered by two and a half year old toddler hands for a good week or so. The thought had struck–I was getting better at putting up my oils or sealing my vials better.

AND THEN….one day…one cool early morning, looking at my beautiful collection of herbs, spices and botanicals on the kitchen table…Lilliana comes to me with an expression of “I don’t know what I did, but I know you’re not going to be pleased as I rub my hands together with this lush and scented oil”.

AND THEN….that same morning, a few seconds later as I run to my night stand, I find the small vial un-corked and oil free. Most of it was absorbed by Lilliana’s hands and some on the floor. I washed as much of it off as I possibly could…BUT coconut oil IS meant to be a natural moisturizer…I knew there wasn’t much I could do. Plus, the added lavender essential oil could not have helped what would happen next….

AND THEN….that same morning…Lilliana is fast asleep on the couch. Ha!

Toddlers and Mugwort…..who’da thunk.

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