Star Wars Monopoly…


Family game night turned out to be something of a fun, disastrous, never-wanna-play-that-again, let’s take it to grandma’s house kind ‘a game.  If you think it’s gonna be similar in any way to the original Monopoly…put it back on the shelf.

Credits instead of Money
4 Players instead of 6
Bases and Planets instead of houses and hotels
Hyperdrive Zones
No railroad stations (well, I guess the galaxy doesn’t have railroad stations)


I picked up a card that gave me an opportunity to read a players card of my choosing….guess who I picked? 🙂
Sam had several cards saved to the side (since Star Wars is about keeping secrets, the cards say you can keep the expectation of the card a secret until you are ready to use it). I read one that told him to Go To Jail, but there are two “sides” to the card and you read the card that applies to your character. Rebel or Empire. He read the wrong side and didn’t Go To Jail. Emoree bought too many bases and hardly had money left for rent. I was playing with Lilliana on my lap, so all of my money was being folded. When she threw the dice it would move our base markers and we had to remember where our markers were.

OHMYGA, it was definitely a chore learning a new game, but in the end, Star Wars Monopoly is something you want and dread at the same time. It definitely needs it’s own name and shouldn’t have anything to do with Monopoly!

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