The Real Deal on Potty Training: The Pee Spot

Soooo, The Pee Spot post is definitely a shared experience between many parents, or persons with children of extended periods of time. This one’s for you…because I GET IT!

Potty training is always a battle and a party at the same time.
Please be advised, the following monologue HAS happened and happens again and again and again…

“Do you need to go potty?”
“Do you need to go potty?”
“Lilliana…are you going potty?!?”
“Run to the potty!”
 As we run, I’ve sprained an ankle (yet again), broken a toy, (hence the sprained ankle), added a few frowned upon words to Lilliana’s vocabulary along the way, and probably killed the cat…I won’t know until after the potty…though the blood curdling MEOOOW coming from Chula was not pleasant.
At this point, I’ve managed to make it to the potty with Lilly, her seat is prepped, her pants are down and I’m picking her up….LANDED.
“Go potty mama.”
The sound of baby urine hitting the toilet water is a sweet sound…WE MADE IT.
“Yaaaay Lilly!!!!”
“Daddy! Lilly went potty!”
As daddy comes to the bathroom, Emoree follows and we all clap our hands celebrating Lilliana’s progress on her potty training.
“Yaaaay Lilly!”
By the way…Chula lives yet another day…her nine lives are certainly being tested!
Keep in mind…this is what happens when we are AT home.

What happens outside of the house, when a two and a half toddler has had toooo much to drink?
Please be advised the following has happened and will continue to happen again, and again, and again…not because Lilly won’t learn to go potty, but because I’m a mom and I’m human.

At the movies yesterday—The Secret Lives of Pets was pretty good!
Who the heck knows the true length of movies now a days…from the time the lights dim to the time the movie is completely over would be more than 2 hours LONG!

Of all that is good and holy in this world…the producers and some sworn enemy of mine INTENDED their dark energy upon me and KNEW I would choose this movie to be Lilliana’s first movie experience. Maybe this is my punishment for being so lazy on the topic…potty training.

So, it was def a battle  throughout the film (she couldn’t sit still for more than 20 minutes), Sam and I took turns rotating her out of the theater and I stayed the final turn out of the movie so that one of us could get our money’s worth….he was enjoying the movie more than I was anyway 🙂
I was able to rock Lilly to sleep and snuck back in the movie standing in the back….when the movie finished, Sam took her from me (she’s a healthy girl, but heavy!) and that’s when I noticed THE PEE SPOT on the front of my shirt. Well…to be fair….it was Sam’s shirt, haha, I felt terrible. I really thought I was keeping an eye on her fluid intake and the pull up.
As a mother, I was immediately concerned with Lilliana being wet and possibly getting a rash…I didn’t know how long she was leaking and I was nervous that that’s why she was fussy.
Should I have paid better attention to my child instead of worrying about proper theater etiquette–pish posh!
I heard several babies crying and Sam and I seemed to be the only parents concerned with Lilly moving around too much, leaning on other ppl’s chairs, and talking…so we did the courteous thing and removed Lilliana while taking turns.

Anyway, THE PEE SPOT eventually dried. There was a small odor…but you know what? I’m a busy mom…who the heck has time to change? AND why would I want to get ANOTHER piece of clothing dirty and add another piece of clothing to the dirty laundry?? No thank you. I wore it proudly. The Pee Spot. Besides…they’re everywhere. The microfiber couches, the carpet with lots of pretty floral designs (to hide the stains), the car…EVERYWHERE. Accidents happen!

So, it seems potty training doesn’t exist outside of the home except for true blue mommy’s who are super prepared (and probably change their clothes when they get soiled). Instead…I endure the pee spots, hoping one day, that the real deal on potty training will soon be recognized as an organized effort to bring awareness to mommy’s like me and daddy’s like Sam who put forth every effort to be genuinely good parents. There are hiccups along the way, but pee spots puts things in perspective. The odor sucks (haha), but I’m pretty good about seeing the bigger picture. It was my battle wound for the day and the fruit punch she drank was diluted with equal parts of punch and water…so the odor really wasn’t that terrible…and Sam, there was no stain on shirt..thank goodness!

Salute to THE PEE SPOT and future PEE SPOTS!


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