Homemade Rose Oil

Homemade Rose Oil!

Herb infused oils are a great way (for your wallet), to add that extra punch you need in your scrubs, balms, and lotions. They add a lovely natural scent, plus you get the properties of the herbs AND the oils…yaaay us, right!?

Now, there isn’t an exact science to making your own herb infused oils. There is a lot of play here, so adjust as you see fit.

You will need:

1 glass jar (a CLEAN spaghetti sauce jar will do)
Enough dried roses to fill the jar half way.
Enough carrier oil to fill the jar completely.
A sunny location.

Fill the jar with the roses, and then add the oil. You’ll need to leave the jar in the sunny location for up to 6 weeks, or until the desired scent is reached. Shake the jar once a day so the flowers will continue to release their oils. When time is up, you can leave the roses in the jar (as I do), or you can strain the oil in a clean jar without the roses. This is up to you. If you plan on making gifts with the roses still in the oil, just know that small amounts of flowers will be in the oil. I happen to LOVE this! Now you have homemade Rose Oil!

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