The Bay Leaf

The bay leaf, berries of laurel, laurel leaves…oh, where to begin. I LOVE bay leaves. They smell wonderful, they hold their shape when dried and they add a great flavor to food!

This little leaf holds history that not many herbs can stand up against. Through out history and over the years, the bay laurel tree has been known to symbolize honor. The Greeks and Romans have used this herb to recognize scholar achievements and contributions. Even now, we see laurel wreathes honoring winners of athletic events and in our Olympics!

The bay leaf has many important metaphysical properties.
Use to cleanse a space, cast an intention to protect, or include in your dream pillow to enhance your psychic awareness (which we all have). They increase positive healing energy and ward off negative energy. Burn bay leaves after a passing illness to purify a space and kick out any lingering illness.
I personally use them under my pillow at night to help with a good and deep sleep. I dab a little awareness oil (my own recipe) on the leaf that mostly consists of calendula flowers. My visions come to me during sleep, so nice vivid dreaming is always welcome. I also use them to compel my hopes and wishes.

There are other helpful tools to evoke an intention, such as specially made oils, special words such as prayers or spells, and rituals-such as body movements or meditation. Rituals help focus your energy. They help clear your mind and space so that the surrounding energy is clear. All of the above should be considered very intimate. Casting an intent is like casting a fishing line, you reap what you sow, so use this method with absolute spiritual care

How to compel your intentions using the bay leaf
1. Write down your hope or intention on a small strip of paper
2. Continue to think about your intention while wrapping the paper of your written intent around the bay leaf. (this may be done after you have meditated or completed a ritual)
3. Before a lit candle, seal the leaf and paper together with a final thought of your intention.
4. Burn it.
5. End properly by thanking your spirit guides.

There are many healing attributes as well!
Make a bay leaf infused oil to massage away aches and pains. Make a home made salve for bruises and itching! A bay leaf tea can be used to calm nerves and can be added to your baths! Research this on your own though, bay leaf baths are for very specific irritations.

…do not….I REPEAT, DO NOT ingest bay leaf essential oil without the guidance of an experienced practitioner. The oil is much too dense to determine a safe ingestible amount without experienced guidance. Remember, not all internal organs are created equal!

Finally, the culinary benefits are so worthy for dishes that require simmering. Don’t forget to remove them before serving. As mentioned before, bay leaves hold their shape well (even when cooked).

What do you use bay leaves for? Send me your recipes for witchy intent or culinary use to  I’d love to share your personal experiences, photos, and recipes!



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