I hope they know…

flower-life-and-deathOver the last few weeks I have made it mandatory to meditate daily. Finding your Zen isn’t easy. It’s not always about finding answers. I think a lot about my daughters and their personalities. I think a lot about the decisions they will come to make and how those decisions will affect their lives….and mine–ha.
Lately, I have been thinking about not thinking at all. I find it difficult to clear my thoughts and let my mind just be…do you find it difficult?

This morning I had an epiphany, more-so, remembered something I read about someone’s final words (all while driving my little 15 minute to work). We work so hard to achieve monetary wealth; this physical life with physical problems.
Why are we born naked, in such a primitive, dirty way? Why then, are we meant to suck our mother’s breast for food, made to get warm with skin to skin contact and suck poison with our mouths when the bee stings?

All of these actions create emotional energy that turn into Strength, Love, Trust, and Loyalty. If these are the actions that we are meant to do to achieve this energy, why then, are we replacing natural food with man made by-products and stuffed animals for a mother’s deep hug?

When it’s time to die, we die naked and exposed to the whole world….and sometimes with feelings of regret, wishing we had done more. More times than not, it always involves a large bucket list surrounding the out doors; climbing mountains, joining some kind of safari or visiting something in nature. Why do we wait so long to do something that has always been available for us, or I dare say, a part of us? Why do we wait until our terminal illness is diagnosed to go fishing? Why do we wait when we’re shocked by our health screening to eat foods our bodies are meant to digest or to stop smoking?  Why do we wait to lose our eye sight to see the sunset more in our golden years–then when our young eyes would have been able to see more color? We love how all of these wonderful things makes us feel, and still….we wait.

We wait to die……………………naked and exposed.

We wait until this day, our final day, to tell our family around our death bed to say “I wish I had done more”, “I wish I did more to show you how much I love you”, “I wish I told you this sooner…”

What will you take with you when you die? I hope you take Love and Warmth with you. I hope your loved one’s hold your hand at your bed side with tears of joy, proud of you and every kind word or action you ever said and did for them and others.

When it’s time for my spirit to move on, I want my friends and family in this life to know I loved them without ever having to say so. I hope they knew I would have moved mountains for their safety. I hope they knew they could depend on me for love and support, without judgment and criticism. I hope they know, without a doubt’s shadow that I would die for them a thousand times over because I know they would do the same for me.

I hope they know I love them without ever having to say so.

Thank you Sylvia Van Velzer for letting me use your beautiful photo captioned “Life and Death”. You take so many lovely pictures…always capturing a special moment.

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