The Power of Samhain

I write this with a nice cold glass of wine to my upper right hand and a form of unexpected inspiration to my direct right. What haven’t you read…what don’t you know? Two questions I ask readers of particular subjects. I visited Mary today, owner of a shop I frequent weekly (daily in some instances). I originally went to purchase a candle to evoke Inspiration, and instead, she led me to her books and I instantly remembered that Halloween isn’t just a time for the dead, but a time for magikal creatures as well! So, let us begin… A welcoming into the coldest season of the year and a spiritual new year; two seasons in one. Though, as most are familiar, Samhain is also a celebration of the dead. It is the most magikal and frightening times of the whole year. As winter comes along, the hearth is lit and warm. You’ve harvested your final herbs, fruits and vegetables. You’ve prepared as best as you can and now it is a time for all to gather ‘round the fire and hear stories of your passed loved ones. Ask them to be present—an invitation, not a séance.14063803_10206909204917264_4415392042754109570_n2

Samhain is commonly known as the Day of the Dead. It is also known to be the time of year when the veil between the two worlds is at its thinnest; allowing spirits, good and bad, to pass through to both sides, without a magikal call. Fae is a spiritual being. A magikal creature where the Otherworld is their domain; a dimension of Earth where that of the dead, those that refuse to move on, exist. The Otherworld, a fairy mound; an existence close to our own, which connects with ours from time to time and from place to place. Fairies are nature spirits, who tend growing things. They are the elemental entities of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth; they are the ancient goddesses and gods. Some are powerful, some are awesome, some are petrifying; plenty are charming and helpful; but all are fascinating.

Should you want an opportunity on Samhain to glimpse the Otherworld, you need remember that the Fae may expect an offering.

The Fae are nature spirits! Being outside in nature is prevalent, preferably in an in-between. Go where grass meets the woods, where land meets water. Meditate at midnight, where one day isn’t yet the other. You must use all of your gifts to sense the Fae. This physical world only works for people like you and I; supernatural and mystical creatures can be seen using your mind’s eye. You might be able to hear Fae music or just “know” that they are present with you. If you have an idea of the kind of Fae you will meet (or glimpse), whether it be Cerridwen-the Underworld goddess and Fairy Hag, or Leanna—bringer of creative inspiration, or The Sphinx—a guardian of ancient mysteries , be sure to have a sincere offering present. Leftovers of cake, milk or wine and shiny things…all Fae love shiny things…and wine….did I say wine already? The offering must be sincere! Do not attempt harm to the Fae, or they will sense your negative energy and do unto you what you would do unto them.

So…what will you draw you in this Samhain?

Manifesting Self-Love

Being highly intuitive isn’t exactly a dream come true, but I have been able to help many people along my journey. Listening is one of my gifts. Listening offers an ability to see beyond the words, beyond the emotion, and into a world that belongs to you. Sometimes it is physically painful and sometimes it is so blissful, I wonder if it’s real.

Yesterday I listened to a man talk about his church and how he came upon it. His love for his faith was so overwhelming I saw him covered in his own happiness. It was only an instant, but it was beautiful.

Some time before that I had a dream vision of someone who was completely ignorant to the distrust of a loved one. I felt it for him, and I couldn’t tell him, no matter what I did. When I awoke, I immediately sent him a message and the images I saw, the pain I felt, had come to pass. The guidance I gave was meant for him, and only him.

Before that it was an aura I saw of a future healer…the brightest blue I have ever seen. He must learn to stop looking for labels and accept what is.

Having an open mind about where guidance can come from is how it comes from someone like me. I don’t have to know you, I don’t have to be close to you….I just receive the message and I know when to give it to you.

How does this all tie in to Self-Love? Self Love is an acceptance of who you are and what you are. It’s about releasing those monsters from your past and inviting them to finish their business without defeating you so you can move forward. It’s about not being afraid of what is coming and allowing yourself to be happy. This does not happen overnight, not for any one of us. But it can happen!

As soon as self-love is achieved, so much can be accomplished. I embrace a teacher role in this matter, but will always be a student. Spiritual guidance is sometimes needed, a third party to see what can be improved upon…even from a distance.

Man or Woman–you can feel beautiful by yourself, without needing someone to confirm what you already know.
The Self-Love journey always includes a journal. All kits are designed specifically for the individual seeking self love. We talk about what is through message or email and then we move forward with your first package.

If you or someone you know can benefit from learning a little Self-Love and have questions, email me or visit my Charmed Charms on Etsy to read more.


Interview with the Psychic-Mary Rohde

Happy Samhain to you all! I recently stumbled upon an opportunity to get closer to a friend of mine (who also happens to own my favorite metaphysical shop in the Bay Area of Corpus Christi, Texas). Her shop is full of wonderful trinkets, loads of reiki charged candles, dream catchers, stones and crystals, dried herbs, incense, jewelry, journals, books, and so much more. Her space is wickedly inviting (no pun intended), and she’s beautiful company. You are immediately entranced with the scent of the day upon entering her store and probably some chatter that always includes educating her customers about the metaphysical world. She is full of love and positive intentions. She is also HUMAN. I wanted so much to highlight this aspect of our psychic friends. They have a personal life and views of their own on top of their abilities, which can be exhausting. Mary is wonderful and uses her abilities to heal and educate. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed interviewing!

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