Interview with the Psychic-Mary Rohde

Happy Samhain to you all! I recently stumbled upon an opportunity to get closer to a friend of mine (who also happens to own my favorite metaphysical shop in the Bay Area of Corpus Christi, Texas). Her shop is full of wonderful trinkets, loads of reiki charged candles, dream catchers, stones and crystals, dried herbs, incense, jewelry, journals, books, and so much more. Her space is wickedly inviting (no pun intended), and she’s beautiful company. You are immediately entranced with the scent of the day upon entering her store and probably some chatter that always includes educating her customers about the metaphysical world. She is full of love and positive intentions. She is also HUMAN. I wanted so much to highlight this aspect of our psychic friends. They have a personal life and views of their own on top of their abilities, which can be exhausting. Mary is wonderful and uses her abilities to heal and educate. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed interviewing!

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself…. mary-rohde
    I love animals. I also love spending time with children and I really enjoy planting flowers even though I suck at it.
  2. What label or description do you give yourself when a stranger asks what you do for work?
    I try to stay away from labels. I explained that I do energy work as well as custom jewelry designs and that I am a psychic and a medium. That is basically my shortlist because I do several things but these are the things that people understand or have heard the most about.
  3. Do you remember the first time you had a psychic experience? Tell us about it.
    It’s hard to pick just one, but I remember sitting at my grandparents table while they were talking about my father being the last male Hamerly in the family and he would be unable to pass on the name to a son because he had three daughters. So I’m about nine years old and I quite honestly blurt out that “I will just grow up, have a baby boy and not get married so that he will have the family name to carry-on.” Eight years later that’s exactly what happened.  It’s not my earliest recollection but it is one of the most memorable I can think of.
  4. Do you have any advice for people who have the gift of sight, but don’t understand what is happening to them?
    Absolutely. Find yourself a mentor, someone who will not judge you while you share your experiences and search for guidance. Find someone who is not going to try to mold you into their version of how they think you should experience or handle your gifts because we are all unique and we perceive things differently than others with the “same gifts “as us. Find yourself someone who is not afraid to say that they don’t know the answer but is willing to help you find one.
  5. Did you help yourself develop your abilities, if so, what did you do?
    The best thing I could do for myself with stay out of my conscious space and just learn about myself in the truest form, my intuitive, spiritual and energy based self.
  6. When did you start doing this work professionally?
    I jokingly refer to this moment as “coming out of the metaphysical closet.” It was after my mother passed away; I found myself in the void and subsequently had a complete rebirth into my spiritual and intuitive self.
  7. In regards to psychic abilities, is it always a guide or angel passing information, or do you have abilities of your own which are independent of your guides?
    I receive message from guides, angels, ancestors and loved ones who have passed, not all necessarily my own. I prefer when working with another person to work with their guides, their angels, ancestors and loved ones because they are the ones my clients will learn to work with once they’ve left their session. One of my goals is to connect them with their higher selves so they learn to be connected on their own, not because I don’t want to work with them but because I feel that it’s important for us to all be connected so that we find it easier to stay on our unique and individual paths.
  8. Some psychics give predictions, some don’t. How do you feel about predictions and why do you or do you not do them for people?
    The future is fluid and therefore ever-changing. Every decision we make either takes us closer to our father away from a projected goal or outcome so I tend to stay away from “predicting” things unless it’s a “matter of fact” type of message coming from their guides.
  9. What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?
    A psychic and their gifts may include but are not limited to: astral projection or auric reading, automatic writing, channeling, clairvoyance, Claire audience, clear sentience, animal telepathy, divination, dowsing, intuition, levitation, precognition, psychometry, pyrokenesis, telekinesis or psychokinesis and telepathy.
    A medium is someone who goes beyond the veil in order to connect with and receive message(s) from those who have passed on for their loved ones.
  10. Does everyone have guides, how do you recommend people get in touch with them?
    Everyone has guides; the best way to get in contact with them is to simply just listen for them. It is important to understand that your guides are not going to hand you everything on a silver platter LOL we have life lessons and this wonderful thing called free will that keeps things interesting. If you would like guidance you must ask and then be open to receiving.
  11. Why do you do this work? What motivates you?
    I do not consider what I do to be work, it is my passion and it is why am here on earth at this time.
  12. Do you believe that criminals will someday be prosecuted based on information given by psychics or mediums?
    This is a very interesting question because I originally went to school for law enforcement/criminal justice with a minor in abnormal psychology. I am very much science brain as much as I am spiritual being.  On some level this is already happening in the way that psychics are contacted by police departments in order to find clues to solve cases. Whether it goes beyond that or not, I don’t know, but as long as the findings are fact-based and plausible in a court of law, I hope it not only continues but begins to thrive because it is a valuable tool when used properly.
  13. Tell us about the services that you offer and what sort of people they would help.
    My short list includes:
    -Readings custom-jewelry
    -Animal communication
    -Intuitive Counsel
    -Akashic Records
    -Soul Retrieval
    -Locating missing persons/pets/items
    -Crystal Therapy
    -Custom reiki infused jewelry
  14. What can we expect during a normal reading with you and do you give instructions to new clients?
    Every reading varies but I will always ask permission to connect and I always give instructions to new clients. I also invite questions at the end of their session before we close it out.
  15. Do you prefer in person readings or over the phone?
    I enjoy both in person and over the phone readings but there’s something extra fun about doing a reading for someone on the other side of the world, whom I have never met but still blessed to connect with.
  16. Life after Death…what is your interpretation of what it is like?
    I’ve witnessed many different happenings with this, so I do believe it is unique to each individual.




If you would like to reach out to Mary about her services or her shop in Corpus Christi, Texas, please message her on Facebook at, visit her website at or call 361.462.4334.
If you live in the area, check out her shop for upcoming events!

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