Post Holidays, Ending 2016

Merry Meet, Hello, Hola, and Mahalo!
I hope everyone’s post holidays are going well, ie…cleanup, tree removal, ornament storage, and finding new places for your beautiful gifts!

I’m having a hard time…wah, wah, wah…I know, but I really am and I’m frustrated. I have a teeny tiny two bedroom apartment that four people and a cat live in and we lose square footage with every inch my daughter’s grow…or every shoe size they grow into!

Soooo, I think the answer to my problems is wall shelves. Well….MORE, wall shelves. The only problem I have with that is it’s more surface to wipe down…(not that I do that now), but trust me…there’s a genuine concern there.

Here’s another problem. I need to re-organize my closet space, but I don’t know how! I definitely need filing cabinets for important papers…my problem is deciding what is important. Do people keep check stubs anymore? Titles, birth certificates? Just kidding, haha, but yeah, I still wanna know what’s important, how long to keep them for, etc…so, if you know, please enlighten me.

I keep finding other things to do to avoid the massive cleanup effort that needs to happen…I cut my hair, I’m helping with homework (big woop there), I’m cleaning out the cat litter…(it’s gross, trust me), and I’m even watching re-runs of Bones on Netflix every day after work (like I don’t have a major mom-job to do)
If you have ideas, mantras, or stupid quotes to help motivate me, I’M ALL EARS!

Vic Out! (Peace Sign, Duck Lips, and a flip of the hair!)

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