Reality Alert: When Did We Become Adults?

A few things have happened over the last couple of weeks that brought REAL perspective to my life. Hardships, difficult news, and worst of all, Death—all happening within days of each other. All happening to people I love.

Now, I love and respect all walks of life…BUT there is a special place for our sisters, brothers, parents and children. Right? I don’t react (or shouldn’t be expected to react) the same way to death within my family as I would to a friend or someone else who is experiencing death within their family. My feelings are subjective; how close am I to a person or how deeply I feel about the event.

It’s easy to have objective opinions when we don’t know the people involved or aren’t very close to a cause or event. Though, from time to time, we will be objective to something that we may have been subjective to maybe a year ago. Why?
My reasoning is that we have become more experienced and less radical. We consider other points of view and are more humble with our words.

Some of us think before we act and someone of us don’t know how to stay put before a good plan is in place. I think that’s okay…sometimes. I’m always open to other’s reasoning and I respect ways of life and why choices are made. Personally, I am not driven by another family’s way of life…what works for them won’t necessarily work for me or mine.

I suppose in the end it’s just a part of something bigger that none of us will ever truly understand–in this dimension anyway…in the land of the living…in this time. Every thought, every decision, everything is woven in the fabric that makes this OUR lives.

Some people are working out tomorrow or are making plans for two weeks from today…I’m still trying to figure out yesterday! Adulting is hard…

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