Theater and Kickball

Well, UIL-One Act Play late night rehearsals are over. No more late night dinners…no more waiting in the car for more than an hour…no more figuring out how to get my little one home, no more stressful talk about actors having a hard time with lines. Theater season is over folks. It’s not only a stressful time for Emoree, but for me too….

Towards the end of the season, I humbly volunteered for another project. “Humbly” being the proactive word choice here….Let me tell you how that went down…

Rookie Division Kickball! Let….me….tell…you….

Sam (Lilliana’s father) registered Lilliana while myself and the girls were away for the weekend. When Monday came around, he said all was good, but they asked if he would be interested in volunteering as a coach. I thought to myself, that might be nice, but then he went on about how he was gonna give it a year, and see how it goes.
THEN….I thought to myself…well, volunteering for something might not be a bad idea….seeing as how I was going to be there every practice anyway, I might as well make myself useful–that’s me….like to keep busy (whooptie-flippin-do).

So I messaged the league on FB and inquired about volunteer opportunities. Someone called me that night and we got to talking about coaching. I was really just interested in being a team parent…or something along those lines. But they needed head coaches….for Rookie Division….which is what my little Lilly is going to be participating in this year. One thing turned into another and next thing I know, I’ve just committed to an entire season with 3-5 year old little girls playing rookie kickball…

Text after text…group message after group message…..I’m learning that this is a SERIOUS sport in South Texas! I really had no idea how many girls and women participate EVERY YEAR!

Anyway, I’ve read up on my history of the sport and development of the league…next thing to do is coaches clinic to learn the rules of the sport per the league here.

I hope I have hair at the end of the season…
I’m already loving the group chat with the other coaches. I feel like it’s right up my alley! Teasing, joking, pictures of people caught off guard, lol… The comradery that comes with a united front….from the moment the team colors are chosen through to packing up late night snacks for the little ones. All for girls, who get to grow as leaders and experience team spirit. I seriously cannot wait!

Aaaaand…what I’m looking forward to the most? Well, one on one time with my little one aaaaand the dinners I get to come up with so that we’re not eating out all the time. Fooooooood!


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