Time Will Tell…

“Time will tell” is my answer to almost everything.

I have so much on my mind…sometimes I get caught up in the whirlwind of thoughts that my physical body just doesn’t move. Which reality is real? The one we put our eyes on, or the one our mind sees? Either way, it’s an interesting topic.

My mind goes places my body can’t. My mind is free of the problems the world brings….like war, and world hunger. I see fields of dandelions and roses….snow on the beach with a glass of something tasty and delicious in my hand, it’s sooo good I can’t even really describe what it is that I’m holding, and witnessing people peacefully living; co-existing in a world that is safe.

I don’t know what book I just described, but we know that’s not anyone’s reality. Snapping myself back into this one, the one where people bully each other, the one where people want to hurt each other and fight each other….rob each other, point fingers and cast blame on each other…a world where we find sickness in the streets and walk by it blindly, but will stop immediately for a less than shiny penny….has that penny more value than a human being who might have done their share of wrong, but is shivering and cold in the street?

Why is it so hard for us to see our differences and accept ideas that aren’t our own? Why do we feel the need to convince everyone of our position, instead of seeing a position we wouldn’t possibly think of? Maybe even have a safe, healthy conversation about our differences and learn from each other….we don’t have to agree, just be open enough to see someone else’s point of view?

And why….oh why, do we have to break down far enough that we might be the person who is shivering and cold in the street? Why are we allowing people to walk right by us, why don’t we want them to see us?
What is it about laying on that cold dirty pavement? What is it about the chill of the wind breaking through our worn clothing? Our toes are so cold the next time our body jerks hard enough from the air around us, our toes will surely break off….
The eye contact that’s made with a person or two–watching them shake their head side to side–are they the ones who are helpless? Do they really not know how to help? Or am I the helpless one? Not willing to stand up on my cold but capable feet.

Are we so broken as a people that we cannot cross into each other’s hell…pull them out of their own fiery pits and save them…no matter the wrongs?

I guess if someone knew the answer to that, we’d be on our way to finding peace in our society, in the streets…in our homes. But, here we are….still bombarded with the realness of it all.

This is the whirl wind I’m talking about. I just circle around and around into a world that could be, but isn’t; and a world that isn’t, that I want.

Here we are though….living one day at a time. Maybe tomorrow it’ll be me on that cold pavement, maybe it’ll be you….when we make eye contact, will either of us try to save each other? Time will tell…

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