Duck Squad and Men

Ok, we’re about to get really close and personal here. Some of you know that I am a single woman with two children. I have a full time job, a part time side hustle, this blog life and many other things.
I am a woman with hidden talents and talents I realize I don’t have that I sure could use….
… being patient and understanding <—That’s an example of talents I wish I had, 🤣.
Alas…I don’t have those particular qualities; so, instead, we’re stuck with trying to keep our mouth shut…or full with food or a drink, so as to not become disrespectful without at least giving the thinking thing a try.

The absolute honest truth is……I get a high from a stacked and overly full plate.
I don’t know why!
When it seems like I’ve got my ducks in a row…I have to add a wild child until I’ve conformed it and added it to my duck squad…then I add another chaotic spice that doesn’t make sense with my current flavor palette, until I tweak the recipe just enough so that it becomes an amazing dish!
That’s something I’ve learned about myself….I totally expect plans to go awry, so I thrive on making them work out.

SOOOO….here’s the thing! I have no idea where men fall on my plate! After a couple of pretty harsh breakups, I feel like I don’t wanna deal with men anymore! I’ve got everything down for 3 people; myself and my two daughters:

I can cook.
I can clean.
I can do the laundry.
I can keep up with a messy home.
ALLL without throwing a fit! <–I would obviously be the one throwing a fit…
I can go to bed when I want to…
I can cook what I want when I want
I can save and spend what I want
….and since I don’t care about sports, my TV isn’t taken hostage every Sunday, Monday and any other day of the week because of a game that MUST be watched.

After a not so careful examination of my love life, here’s what I think the problem is…well….here’s what I think MY problem is…

I no longer care about another person’s problems, nor do I want to help another person deal with their personal development or be part of the solution.

I’m totally and completely self sufficient and find it disappointing when another person isn’t as awesome as myself. I dunno…..who knows how long my frame of mind will be in this state. Maybe one day I’ll give a rat’s behind. Today; not so much.

Don’t misunderstand! Sometimes I wish there was someone I could make an extra dinner plate for, waiting for him to come home at the end of a long day. Other times (and most of the time), I’m glad there aren’t anymore dishes to wash! That’s really and totally what it boils down to; how much more do I have to clean before I can start winding down for the day? Bleh. I’m not even sure there’s a man out there than can handle all that I am–all that my daughters are and not be afraid to tame me.

Disclaimer: …this is by no means, a challenge or an invitation to any person who thinks I’m writing this because I’m looking. I promise, I am not on the market.

I’m the red lipstick wearing, no-filter, doesn’t give a damn about your feelings kind of woman…nor do I want to keep my mouth shut or keep my eyes from rolling about how “broken” you are! Geez-a-flipping lou! #whydoweneedmenagain??

That’s that. I suppose I’ll get on with my duck squad and keep trucking.

Next on the agenda….60 days without fast food….I’m not totally sure I can do this, so stay tuned!

New adventures are coming!

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