About Alchemist by the Sea

Hi there!

So you wanna learn a bit about me and my people huh? Nice!

I’m a single mother of two beautiful daughters, Emoree is 13 and Little Lilliana is 4. I know…the age difference is killer, but they like each other, haha. Actually, they love each other. They save me everyday from so much…I hope I can return the favor when they need it.

I also have major obligations (some pay the bills and some don’t), that I love and I am 100% committed to. Check out Timeless With Victoria to support me if you can! I’d really, really appreciate it! Along with work, I volunteer for both of my daughters extracurricular activities, one of which I am a kickball coach.

YES…kickball. I’m in it….haha, no turning back. It’s my first year doing something like this and I hope it goes well! I figure if I’m gonna be there for the practices, I could prob do something useful while I’m at it…I was thinking Team Parent, but somehow, it got skewed into Head Coach. Well….we’ll let that story unfold over time, haha…stay tuned!

I have a wonderful boyfriend with two sons that I absolutely adore and a family who is my back bone; my parents and my sister…my nephews, they are my everything. I came back to South Texas to be with them and to raise my children around them. So far so good!! haha!

I have so much more to say, so keep up with my blog page Life with Victoria here on this website! Also, Like my page on FaceBook Life With Victoria!

Au revoir for now!