Theater and Kickball

Well, UIL-One Act Play late night rehearsals are over. No more late night dinners…no more waiting in the car for more than an hour…no more figuring out how to get my little one home, no more stressful talk about actors having a hard time with lines. Theater season is over folks. It’s not only a stressful time for Emoree, but for me too….

Towards the end of the season, I humbly volunteered for another project. “Humbly” being the proactive word choice here….Let me tell you how that went down…

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The Real Deal on Potty Training: The Pee Spot

Soooo, The Pee Spot post is definitely a shared experience between many parents, or persons with children of extended periods of time. This one’s for you…because I GET IT!

Potty training is always a battle and a party at the same time.
Please be advised, the following monologue HAS happened and happens again and again and again…

“Do you need to go potty?”
“Do you need to go potty?”
“Lilliana…are you going potty?!?”
“Run to the potty!”
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Idiots & Real Sugar

I have made time over the last week to reflect. On what? Everything.

The food we eat
The shoes on my feet
My job
The words I choose to use
The amount of sleep I get


If I should use real sugar or splenda in my coffee…
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Star Wars Monopoly…


Family game night turned out to be something of a fun, disastrous, never-wanna-play-that-again, let’s take it to grandma’s house kind ‘a game.  If you think it’s gonna be similar in any way to the original Monopoly…put it back on the shelf.

Credits instead of Money
4 Players instead of 6
Bases and Planets instead of houses and hotels
Hyperdrive Zones
No railroad stations (well, I guess the galaxy doesn’t have railroad stations)
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